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Programming a new BP pack

When installing a new BP System Pack the low level programming or 'Setup' will need to be selected to properly operate the equipment.  The original Setup # can be identified in the original pack by entering the Info sub menu via the Topside.  If the original pack is dead simply identify the number of pumps in the spa. When in doubt contact Clearwater with the spa serial # to confirm. The Setup choices are located on the wiring diagram found on the back of the pack lid. Once identified the # will have to be selected in the Test menu. This menu is only accessible when DIP switch #1 is in the up position. Below are instructions on how to navigate...

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Replacing SQR components

Whenever an SQR (grommet) component is found to be leaking at the grommet it is advised to replace it with a traditional compression component with threads, nut (and comp ring for jets), and silicone. This will also require a different gasket called an 'SQR Repair Gasket' in order to fill the larger hole size.

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