Programming a new BP pack

When installing a new BP System Pack the low level programming or 'Setup' will need to be selected to properly operate the equipment.  The original Setup # can be identified in the original pack by entering the Info sub menu via the Topside.  If the original pack is dead simply identify the number of pumps in the spa. When in doubt contact Clearwater with the spa serial # to confirm.
The Setup choices are located on the wiring diagram found on the back of the pack lid.
Once identified the # will have to be selected in the Test menu. This menu is only accessible when DIP switch #1 is in the up position. Below are instructions on how to navigate to the Setups for the various Topsides:
  • TP600- With DIP switch 1 up press WARM to exit Priming Mode. Immediately after press this sequence: WARM, LIGHT, WARM, WARM, WARM, WARM to reach the Setup Menu. S-01 will be showing on the screen. Continue to press WARM until the desired number is reached, then press LIGHT to select. The system will automatically reset. DIP switch 1 can now be moved to the down position. If Memory Reset is showing on the screen simply press any button to clear it.
  • TP800 or the Menu driven TP950- With DIP switch 1 up the menu item 'Test' will appear. Once entered select Setup and change the number then select Save. Once the system reboots DIP switch 1 can be moved down.
  • ICON driven panel, TP950 & SpaTouch2- With DIP switch 1 up enter the settings menu, then navigate to the right using the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Next select TEST, then Setup#. Use the arrows to select the desired number then the check mark to set it. Once the system reboots DIP 1 switch can be moved down.